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Helping California spouses through a wide range of divorce issues

Divorce is never regarded as an easy life event to go through; however, divorcing couples could make it easier on themselves by obtaining a realistic perspective on the matter. The end of the marriage often means making several important, life-changing decisions, but many divorcing couples in California are unsure how to act on or resolve these issues. At the Law Office of Karen H. Beckman, we provide clients with legal guidance that can help him or her address a wide range of divorce issues.

Social Media and Divorce don't mix in California

The world is connected more than ever before through the use of social media. There are few people in the United States that have avoided social media altogether. Most people find themselves with more than one social media account where they share personal details of their life. While sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may not seem like a big deal for most people, those who are in the process of a divorce should think twice before they post.

Create a solid divorce plan during an emotional time

When California couples decide to get married they often spend months planning the perfect wedding. From the flowers to the venue and the cake flavor, every little detail is thoroughly planned. While the wedding day often brings great happiness, it doesn't always last.

Kaley Cuoco files for divorce from Ryan Sweeting

In a high asset divorce in California, a prenuptial agreement can make the process a lot easier. If the couple has agreed in advance on issues like alimony and property division, they can avoid a lot of costly legal disputes. This appears to be the situation for actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, who are divorcing.

Megan Fox files for divorce after five years of marriage

For Orange County spouses dealing with the end of a marriage, it can sometimes be comforting to remember that the rich and famous are not immune from marital breakups. The most recent Hollywood divorce was announced in late August: actress Megan Fox, the 29-year-old star of the 2007 film "Transformers" and its 2009 sequel, has filed for divorce from her husband of five years, actor Brian Austin Green.

Avoiding common divorce mistakes

California residents who have been through a divorce know what a stressful and emotionally draining experience it can be. But, there are things a spouse can do to make the experience less distressing. A national website recently published a collection of comments from various experts about the mistakes divorcing spouses commonly make. Avoiding these mistakes won't make divorce a pleasant experience, but it may make it less of an ordeal for everyone involved.

How does a summary dissolution get me a divorce?

In California, couples may pursue divorce through the courts or through mediation. These options give couples the opportunity to separate their lives with the help of judges, lawyers and, in some cases, mediators. There is another way that a couple may end its marriage, and that way is through summary dissolution. However, not all couples qualify for summary dissolution and it can have some drawbacks.

Divorce doesn't have to be stressful

When a couple gets divorced, it's not just the end of a marriage but the beginning of a new life for two people. These two people often have to re-learn how to be on their own and to separate their lives from each other. After years together, the emotions can be difficult for people to process as they move on to a new life. These emotions are just one of the things that can create stress for a divorcing spouse. Divorce legal issues, like a child custody dispute or arguments over property division, can also add undue stress.

Equality, economics play a role in low-income divorce rate

It is not uncommon for an Orange County resident to encounter news stories about the national divorce rate. It seems that overall fewer couples are enduring the painful process of ending their marriages. One portion of the population, however, is still afflicted by a higher than average rate of divorce. This group includes those who fall into the low-income bracket.

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