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Modifying child custody orders in California

When a child's parents are no longer together and a child custody order is in place, both parents are responsible for carrying out the order. This means that parents must abide by the court-approved schedule for custody and visitation over the child. The schedule could have been agreed to by the parents or could have been ordered by the court following a child-custody dispute. In either case, parents are under an obligation to follow all the terms in the order.

What is a parenting plan?

When parents in California choose to divorce, their intimate relationship ends. They no longer have legal obligations to one another. However, parents cannot easily separate themselves from their obligations to their children -- even following a divorce. In other words, while a marriage may end, the person's duties to the person's child do not. Therefore, people need to create a plan on how to deal with their children following a divorce. While both parents often want what is best for the children, they may have different views on how to make that happen.

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