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How does a summary dissolution get me a divorce?

In California, couples may pursue divorce through the courts or through mediation. These options give couples the opportunity to separate their lives with the help of judges, lawyers and, in some cases, mediators. There is another way that a couple may end its marriage, and that way is through summary dissolution. However, not all couples qualify for summary dissolution and it can have some drawbacks.

What is the "best interests of the child" standard?

When a child custody dispute arises, there is one phrase that parents and other caregivers are going to hear over and over again -- the "best interests of the child." All child custody decisions -- no matter whether the dispute is between two divorcing parents, between parents who have never been married or between parents and other parties -- are going to be decided according to the best interest of the child standard. But, what exactly does this mean?

Domestic violence under California law

All relationships have their ups and downs. People argue, people make up and people move on. However, when a rocky relationship becomes physically abusive, many people recognize that domestic violence is occurring. Under California law it is never alright for one partner to physically assault another. People should feel safe in their relationships even if and when they fight.

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