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While the concept of marriage or a domestic partnership in Orange County generally begins with the best of intentions as the couple plans to stay together, it's an unfortunate reality that family legal issues often arise and lead to a parting of the ways. This can be because of a dispute or a simple fact of growing apart with it falling anywhere in between. One of the most important factors in a divorce or decision to end a domestic partnership is to have a grasp on family law and how the property will be divided, where children - if any - will live, how child support will be allocated and many other issues.

Divorce can be complex or simple. In the best case scenario, the spouses will have an amicable parting and move on with their lives able to agree on most matters from the marriage. In some cases, a legal separation might be preferable for them to decide that divorce is how they really want to go or if they believe there is a chance they'll be able to work out their dispute and stay together.

Property is a point of contention in many marriages and domestic partnerships when they come to an end. There might be disagreements as to who gets a home or apartment. Vehicles could be in question. One member of the marriage might have a business that the other spouse believes he or she is entitled to have a portion of. Collectibles and pieces of property that could have significant value are often part of the marital estate with the couple disagreeing as to how this is divided.

When it comes to children, custody and support, there are a multitude of factors that will arise. Many parents will agree that in spite of their personal issues with one another, they'll try to stay civil for the good of the children. In some cases, though, the child ends up in the middle. Some parents choose not to pay what they're ordered to for one reason or another. This makes it necessary to move forward with getting the law involved to try and recover what's owed. Given the number of problems that can fester when a couple is involved in family legal issues, one key is to have legal advice. Contacting a legal professional experienced in family law can be help to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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