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Family law perceptions, realities: seeing divorce clearly

It is certainly interesting that. notwithstanding the scores of millions of divorces that have been realized in the United States, many media articles and stories continue to cast marital dissolution in terms of failure.

Can it be true that so many people in California and across the country -- parents, siblings, coworkers, casual acquaintances and close friends, and likely many persons reading this post -- are personal failures for not persisting in a marital relationship that ultimately terminated?

Is it important to establish paternity in California?

In years past, many children in California were born to parents who were married. However, in recent decades, that is not always the case. Children are often born to unmarried couples. This could present some legal complications. In these cases, paternity is not automatically established.

When a child is born to a married couple, the law presumes that the husband is the child's father. This presumption can be challenged, of course. However, it is a legal base point for children to collect child support should the couple divorce.

Helping California spouses through a wide range of divorce issues

Divorce is never regarded as an easy life event to go through; however, divorcing couples could make it easier on themselves by obtaining a realistic perspective on the matter. The end of the marriage often means making several important, life-changing decisions, but many divorcing couples in California are unsure how to act on or resolve these issues. At the Law Office of Karen H. Beckman, we provide clients with legal guidance that can help him or her address a wide range of divorce issues.

Our legal team understands that no two divorces are alike, and because of that, our legal services are designed to meet the individual needs of every client that is going through a divorce or dealing with post-divorce issues. Our law firm strives to reach a timely and fair marital agreement, and we have helped past client successfully navigate the divorce process and obtain a divorce settlement.

Social Media and Divorce don't mix in California

The world is connected more than ever before through the use of social media. There are few people in the United States that have avoided social media altogether. Most people find themselves with more than one social media account where they share personal details of their life. While sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may not seem like a big deal for most people, those who are in the process of a divorce should think twice before they post.

A divorce can be in emotionally challenging time. Social media allows people to blow off steam and lets people get back into the dating world. However, people should understand that posts to social media can and will be used against them in a family law court. This means that if someone is in the process of a custody battle, for example, a post about their late-night activities can be printed off and shown to a judge.

Child custody issues need thoughtful planning

California parents need to address a variety of issues when they are divorcing. First among these issues is often child custody arrangements. Throughout the divorce process, parents not only deal with their own emotions, stresses and worries, but they also deal with their children's. It is important to most parents of the children have as easy of a transition as possible while divorcing.

Divorce can mean great upheaval for a child. But, with proper planning, parents can make the process as easy as possible for children. It is possible for parents to create long-lasting child custody plans that work in the best interest of the child. These plans can be unique to fit each individual family.

Modifying child custody orders in California

When a child's parents are no longer together and a child custody order is in place, both parents are responsible for carrying out the order. This means that parents must abide by the court-approved schedule for custody and visitation over the child. The schedule could have been agreed to by the parents or could have been ordered by the court following a child-custody dispute. In either case, parents are under an obligation to follow all the terms in the order.

However, as time goes on, the terms of the child custody order may no longer be applicable to a particular situation. Parents in California may find themselves seeking a modification of the child-custody order. According to the California courts, there are couple of ways in order to modify a child-custody order.

What is a parenting plan?

When parents in California choose to divorce, their intimate relationship ends. They no longer have legal obligations to one another. However, parents cannot easily separate themselves from their obligations to their children -- even following a divorce. In other words, while a marriage may end, the person's duties to the person's child do not. Therefore, people need to create a plan on how to deal with their children following a divorce. While both parents often want what is best for the children, they may have different views on how to make that happen.

A parenting plan is often necessary in order to make sure each party understands their obligations to a child following divorce. In a parenting plan, the parents determine how decisions about the child will be made going forward. This includes how the parents will make decisions about the child's education, the child's health and the child's general welfare.

Create a solid divorce plan during an emotional time

When California couples decide to get married they often spend months planning the perfect wedding. From the flowers to the venue and the cake flavor, every little detail is thoroughly planned. While the wedding day often brings great happiness, it doesn't always last.

If a couple is contemplating divorce, it may not seem logical to create a plan together on how to move forward. However, just like couple plans for their wedding, divorce planning can be extremely important. Through divorce planning, a couple can begin to create a roadmap for how to move forward into their new lives.

Kaley Cuoco files for divorce from Ryan Sweeting

In a high asset divorce in California, a prenuptial agreement can make the process a lot easier. If the couple has agreed in advance on issues like alimony and property division, they can avoid a lot of costly legal disputes. This appears to be the situation for actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, who are divorcing.

Cuoco, star of the television series "Big Bang Theory," filed a petition for divorce in September in Los Angeles Superior Court. She cited irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the split. The couple married in 2013 on New Year's Eve. The couple has no children together, so they will be spared from having to deal with issues of child support and child custody.

Parenting time as part of a comprehensive plan in California

The decision to file for divorce is a major, sometimes life-altering decision. This can be especially true for couples who have minor children. And, for the children, the divorce process can also be a very difficult time. One strategy that many couples employ - if they are on good enough terms despite the divorce - is to work toward a mutually satisfactory agreement regarding as many of the issues that need to be addressed in the divorce as possible. One of the biggest issues to address is usually a child custody arrangement and parenting time plan.

In the vast majority of cases, parents who divorce will no longer be living together. That usually means that the ex-spouses' children will need to go from one parent's house to another from time to time. However, many of our readers have likely heard the reports that studies are showing this can have a negative effect on children. As a result, California courts are pushing for couples to reach their own agreements, even if that involves mediation.

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