Domestic Violence

Allegations of spousal abuse — true or not — can have a marked impact on various aspects of a family matter. Child custody can be affected, especially if the allegations involve physical child abuse. The alleged abuser may be issued a restraining order and facing other charges. The Law Office of Karen H. Beckman recognizes the seriousness of domestic violence and the impact it has on the entire family. The firm represents victims of domestic abuse and alleged abusers.

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If You Are A Victim Of Domestic Violence

If you are suffering from abuse or if your children are suffering from child neglect at the hands of an abuser, you have many legal options. It is important to find a safe place for you and your children. It may also be advisable to contact law enforcement or social services if you are currently in danger. The firm represents victims of domestic abuse, often as it relates to divorce proceedings and child custody arrangements.

False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Have you been accused of spousal abuse? Are you facing charges of child endangerment? The outcome of these allegations can impact the court's decisions on child custody arrangements and even property division. Our firm thoroughly analyzes evidence such as police reports and witness statements to sift through what really happened. It may be the case that a person making the allegations is abusing the statute. The firm strives to establish credibility in the alleged abuser and seek favorable outcomes to serious allegations.

We Can Help Your Family

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