Domestic Partnerships

California law recognizes gay and lesbian domestic partnerships. A partnership is not the same as a marriage but many rights are given to same-sex couples in a domestic partnership. To establish a domestic partnership, you must follow complex legal requirements. The Law Office of Karen H. Beckman guides couples through the oftentimes confusing process of domestic partnership registration.

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California Domestic Partnership Registry

The domestic partnership law has specific requirements that must be followed to obtain a legal domestic partnership on the registry. A contract lays out the rights and responsibilities between partners. When you establish a domestic partnership, you must qualify based on certain criteria and then finalize the partnership on the domestic partnership registry. Cohabitation laws, laws regarding rights between partners, are also implicated in a domestic partnership.

If you want a domestic partnership, attorney Beckman will guide you through the process. Once accomplished, you and your partner's rights may include:

  • Health care and medical emergency access
  • Tax benefits
  • Employment benefits
  • Visitation and step-parent adoption rights
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Wrongful death suit rights
  • Will and probate rights

The complex nature of domestic partnership law means that it is easy to get confused. When you and your partner are ready to make the commitment, lawyer Beckman takes the stress out of applying for a domestic partnership. She carefully drafts domestic partnership agreements and will counsel you on your rights and responsibilities under the agreement.

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