Firm Overview

My firm, The Law Office of Karen H. Beckman, located in Tustin and Irvine, California, is dedicated to a single proposition: Delivering the best possible legal representation to the people and families who hire me. I accomplish this objective by focusing my practice exclusively in family law and related matters. My commitment is to providing outstanding client service.

Contact my firm to arrange a consultation to discuss a family law concern including divorce, legal separation, or property division.

Focusing On Family Law

A cornerstone of the success of my legal practice is the personal interaction that I have with my clients. The best results come from a fully involved client. I am regularly available to answer client questions and take the time to be certain their concerns are addressed. My client-oriented practice assures that clients are fully involved in the legal process and well informed. A well-informed client is often my best ally in getting the case resolved. My emphasis on client service includes a commitment to personal attention and clear communication. I take the time to make sure that I understand the client's concerns and that the client understands his/her options.

Devoting my practice primarily to family law has allowed me to become experienced with many family law issues. I have seen how long court battles have a devastating emotional and financial impact on families and children. Therefore, I also use my training and skills in all my cases to attempt a reasonable, fair settlement without litigation. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, I am prepared to effectively litigate the case on behalf of my clients.

As a lawyer with a family of my own, I realize that the issues that my clients bring to my office are ones that are central to their lives and touch the very heart of those people I represent. I believe it is my job to be honest, compassionate and comforting to my clients, while at the same time aggressively representing their interests.

I Enjoy Challenging Cases

I enjoy the challenge presented by the new and sometimes controversial issues that my clients bring to me. I do not shy away from cases because of a "first impression." It is intriguing to be challenged and motivated by cases that are important to my clients and have new legal issues. With today's variety of family structures and advances in science regarding conception and paternity testing, there are many opportunities to face novel issues in the areas of adoption, paternity, surrogacy and custody.

I maintain a casual and friendly atmosphere at my two offices, providing convenience and accessibility for my clients, while also providing personal service.

I strive to exceed my client's expectations. My firm strives to deliver personal, economical services with the quality available at larger, more expensive and less personalized firms.

Please Speak With Me Today

Please call our office at 714-730-9771 to schedule a consultation. You may also contact the firm online.