Divorce & Pension Accounts

In California, assets are considered community property if they were acquired during the marriage. Community property and assets, including pensions, are divided equally during divorce.

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Protecting Your Pension During Divorce

Pensions that are considered part of community property must be divided equally during divorce. Courts in California have two ways to divide pension:

  • Reservation of jurisdiction: Under this division method, the pension is not divided until the employed spouse seeks to retire and receive the benefit of the pension. When this occurs, the employed spouse must pay the other spouse half of the amount of the pension at the earliest time the employed spouse could retire.
  • Cash out method: The cash out method allows for quicker resolution of pension issues. The pension's value is determined by an actuary who factors in the interest likely to be gained during the employed spouse's remaining years of employment. The amount of the pension is then accounted for in total value of community property. All community property, including the estimated amount of the pension upon retirement, is then divided equally. The employed spouse retains of the pension and the other spouse receives other property or assets to compensate for his or her share of the pension.

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