Judgment / Order Modification & Enforcement

The Law Office of Karen H. Beckman represents clients in various matters that arise after a divorce has been finalized. Often these issues center on child support and child custody. Post-divorce decree issues can also include property division matters. There are many rights and options available to people who wish to modify a divorce court order or ensure an order is enforced. There are also many rights and options available to people who have not followed court orders.

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Modifications To Child Custody

Custodial and non-custodial parents alike may desire a change in the child custody arrangements. This can come about for many reasons, including move-aways. Relocation, whether to another school district, another part of the state, across the country, or overseas, may be necessary for a parent. Job offers, reconnecting with family and many other reasons often compel parents to relocate.

When relocation involves children, the family law attorney at The Law Office of Karen Beckman can help. Divorce attorney Beckman represents parents who are interested in relocating with their children as well as parents who are contesting the modification. Each client is unique; clients' concerns are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Child Support Enforcement And Modification

If a new job, remarriage, or other circumstance has shifted your finances, it may be possible to modify child support payments. The firm recognizes that the best interests of the children are a priority and advocates for changes that are in the children's best interests.

The firm also represents custodial parents who are not receiving court-ordered child support payments as well as non-custodial parents who are not paying court-ordered child support. Each situation presents different challenges, and the firm strives to find what is advisable for each situation. Child support collection can occur through wage garnishment, payroll garnishment, and other measures. Each situation is unique, and the firm strives to find what is advisable to achieve the client's goal.

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