Child Custody & Visitation

Attorney Karen H. Beckman understands that the issues clients bring to her office involving child custody are often the nearest and dearest issues to their hearts. She believes it is her job to be honest and compassionate toward clients. She also believes it is her job to aggressively represent her clients' interests. Clients of The Law Office of Karen H. Beckman in Orange County appreciate this approach during divorce proceedings concerning child custody arrangements.

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Encouraging Time With Both Parents Through Custody And Visitation

There are many types of custody arrangements in California. First, child custody arrangements can include joint custody or sole custody. From there, physical custody of the children will involve where the children live. Additionally, legal custody refers to decisions that are made about the children's lives including school, health care, religion and other issues. The noncustodial and custodial parent both have legal rights with respect to the children.

Visitation, sometimes known as a parenting time, is a schedule agreed upon or set by the court so each parent gets the time needed with his or her children. Attorney Beckman works one-on-one with clients to determine a visitation schedule and custody arrangement that meets their needs and their work schedules.

The court system generally encourages frequent and continuing contact with both parents. However, issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and physical abuse can alter the court's decisions.

Mediation And Custody Disputes

The firm generally encourages clients to work out child custody arrangements on their own terms, with the attorneys facilitating the process. However, if the parties are unable to agree with the child custody arrangements, the court will order mediation. In mediation, the parents will work toward a parenting agreement. The firm has found that the best results often come from a fully involved client. Being proactive in the process can ensure your needs and interests are fully represented.

Discuss Your Custody Issues With A Lawyer

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